Sup'Biotech is a member of IONIS Education Group, the leading private higher education group in France. Sup'Biotech's vocation is to train biotech engineers in 5 years after the high school diploma. The training responds to the challenges of tomorrow to enable young engineers to reach positions of responsibility in France and abroad, in the very promising sectors of biotechnology:

• Healthcare

• Pharmacy

• Agri-food industry

• Environment

• Cosmetics

• Bioinformatics

• Biomechanics

• Digital technology


Teaching is provided both face-to-face and online by a team of 140 teachers, professors, researchers and industry professionals. The 800 students benefit from a pedagogy focused on the professional world, teamwork and internationalization.

The program is composed of:

- Biotech 1, taught in French or English : Life sciences, engineering sciences, social sciences, languages and linguistic immersion

- Biotech 2, taught in French or English : Life sciences, engineering sciences, social sciences, languages and SBIP (innovative project)

- Biotech 3, taught in English : 2 months internship in a company, study abroad semester, life sciences, engineering sciences, social sciences, project management, languages and SBIP

- Biotech 4 and Biotech 5, taught in English : Internship in a company (4 months in Biotech 4, 6 months in Biotech 5), specialization with o An option :

 R&D

 Production & Quality

 Marketing & Product Management

o An elective :

 Health & Pharmaceutical

 Food & Health

 Agri-food

 Environment

 Cosmetics

 Bioinformatics

 Bio-mechanics & Medical Robotics (French)

 Digital & Biotechnologies (French) 

Applications are open from Biotech 1 to Biotech 5.

Why join Sup'Biotech ? 6 reasons :

1. Language: teaching available in French and English

2. High quality teaching: innovative and practical courses

3. Innovative projects: practical, authentic and professionalizing experience

4. Internships: a minimum of 12 months in a company

5. Opportunities: more than 4,000 companies have welcomed interns and graduates.

6. Experience: Discovering French culture and the Parisian way of life during studies

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