Welcome to ISIPCA! ISIPCA is the French leading graduate school dedicated in Fragrances, Cosmetics and Food Flavors. It provides students with French or English undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs in Business and Science. It offers a cutting edge equipment, such as specialized formulation laboratories dedicated to white or colored cosmetic products, or sensory analysis, or fragrance composition. It was created 50 years ago by Mr. Jean-Jacques Guerlain. It is located in Versailles, Paris and Grasse (the world cradle of perfumery). Every year ISIPCA hosts about 600 students from 45 nationalities. It builds partnerships with universities, professional bodies and companies around the world.

Isipca Degree programs

European fragrance and Cosmetics Master

MSc in Scent design and Creation

MSc in Fragrance Expertise

MSc in Cosmetic Expertise

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